definition: settle or congregate for rest or sleep

Through the years: How the Roost came to be

May 1893: Melissa L. Clement (1833-1903), a native of New York, bought a lot on the south side of West Porter for $175.

January 1894: The Pascagoula Democrat-Star announced that builder, John Duncan Minor, has just commenced erecting a new dwelling for E.E. Clement (1861-1922) on Porter Avenue.  The same journal on February 16, 1894, related that E.E. Clement was having a fine residence built on Porter and that David Baker (1844-1900+) is starting a large winter home directly opposite the Clement place. It appears that another structure was built on the property, as the Pascagoula newspaper reported, "Mr. E.E. Clements has the lumber on hand for a summer house in the branches of his giant oaks."

April 1907: Mr. Clement sold his Porter Avenue property to George E. Arndt (1857-1945) for $1800.

1952: Wilbur C. Wisnasky and his neighbor on Martin Avenue, Lehman Parker, built an eight-unit motel on the property. Mr. Wisnasky named these flat-roofed, concrete buildings Wilbur's Motel, and advertised his establishment with the slogan, "Come For A Season or Come For A Day."

Spring of 1997: Jake Jacobs, Dave Cole, and Tommy Capers took to transforming the old E.E. Clement place into what came to be Ocean Springs' popular restaurant, The Porter House.
2016: We decided this beautiful building needed to be showcased once more to the many locals and visitors to Ocean Springs. Renovations began in June of 2016, with The Roost opening its doors to the public in April 2017. The utmost care was taken in restoring and celebrating this building's cultural heritage. From maintaining the majestic oak trees to salvaging the original wood accented throughout the building, our mission has been to highlight this significantly historical landmark in the heart of Ocean Springs.

We are excited to announce, we will expanding to include 5 additional guest suites and a craft cocktail & wine bar.  Scheduled completion will be May of 2018.