The Band of Roosters


It all started when...

Several years ago, a small band of roosters popped onto the scene in downtown Ocean Springs.  Stories circled on their origin, but regardless of where they came from, it was apparent that the community of Ocean Springs wanted to welcome the roosters to stay... Or at least most of them did.  Drama in the early days of these beautiful birds' arrival was prevalent.  From newspaper covers to alderman meetings and hundreds of emails to city officials, the decision was made that the roosters could stay. Or at least, as mentioned above, most of them...  Our rooster friends became a quirky novelty in the downtown area with Carl earning the most fame and even his own Facebook page.  Rooster sightings, photographs and questions for the yard bird and his friends have become another unique attraction to our coastal town.

The General and Randy can be seen roaming the streets of Ocean Springs today, along with some other friends.  Carl, the most well-known member of their band, unfortunately seemed to let the fame get to his head.  His overzealous behavior ended in a trip to rehab in Vancleave, from which he very sadly never returned.  Mayor Connie Moran said Carl was placed on a performance improvement plan during his weekend retreat in Vancleave, and she expects an improved rooster demeanor.  We like to think he made it to Key West, where the roosters can probably get away with a little more. Regardless, he will never be forgotten.


"We don't know how these beautiful roosters got here in the first place, but people sure like to come down here and see them," Moran said.


Carl, The Rooster

Carl, The Rooster