The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a hot spot for birding! Whether you are an expert, novice, or just interested getting out into nature to see natural habitats and wildlife, Ocean Springs has it all. The mix of both coastal and inland species makes for a spectacular array of birds, with some visitors seeing over 100 different species in a weekend!

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Audubon Society hosts events throughout the year, these events focus on things like Migratory birds, or Winter Humming Birds. The MGCA's mission is to ..."promote and protect fragile beach-nesting species, education, conservation, and protection of our natural resources in southern Mississippi...". They can help guide you to a spot to sit and observe local bird species, or can help you locate the most special and rare birds that migrate through our area.

Eco Tours of South Mississippi is another wonderful resource for both birding and nature lovers alike. They are located on the Pascagoula River, which gives them the unique opportunity to offer tours of cypress swamps, salt marshes, and coastal barrier islands. These areas are perfect for spotting ospreys, herons, egrets, and bald eagles.

Birding and wildlife viewing in our scenic harbor during migration and winter are recommended. You'll see loons, grebes, black-crowned night-heron, waterfowl, rails, shorebirds, gulls, terns, migrant songbirds. 

If you are planing on visiting us, our staff is happy to guide you in the right direction for a wonderful bird watching experience. See you on the trail!

Get inspired by checking out local birding photographer Jon Hauge's website for some amazing bird shots!

photo by Jon Hauge